About Us

Bike Uptown:

Bike Uptown is a “how to” resource to make bicycling easier and our streets calmer for safer driving, walking and bicycling.

On this website you will find videos and articles to make bicycling around Uptown and rest of Chicago much easier and hassle free.

We are also a community group that is working to achieve the Alderman’s and the community’s goals for enhancing Uptown’s economic and cultural vitality by making it easy, safe and comfortable to walk around or bike around our neighborhood.

We’re doing this in Uptown because:

We are a diverse community with a variety of ethnicities and incomes, but we all have the same wish to feel comfortable and safe when we’re walking around.

  • We’re walking, biking & using transit already: 60% of Uptown residents do not own a car, and prefer to get around by transit, walking, or biking. And we’re not alone:
  • 30% of regular transit users get the minimum daily requirements for physical activity during their commute.
  • 66% of Americans want more transportation options
  • 55% of Americans would rather drive less and walk more.


Who are we? More on the people behind Bike Uptown


  1. This is a very cool idea and I hope it has some impact on the biking and walking situation here in Uptown. I have noticed most of the crosswalks need repainted and very few drivers obey stopping for pedestrians in them. I’m glad there is a resource now to compile information for the Alderman. I will add a link to this on my blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Where can bikes be rented in Uptown and where can child bike seats be rented?

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