Come Tonight Or Stop Complaining

There are just two more participatory budgeting assemblies this year- and one is tonight (6pm, Stockton Elementary School, 4425 N Beacon). Come with your infrastructure ideas or stop complaining about how we don’t have a bricolage mural at the Lawrence Avenue underpass. Here’s the agenda: NA Agenda 2012-2013 (PDF Download).

These visuals can give you a brainstorming nudge:

A promenade along Broadway?

Making the TCF Bank Parking Lot, or the Jewel parking lot, more of a public place and less of an eyesore?

Taking an under-used space or lot and building it into a place with trees and pathways (click to enlarge).

Installing separated bike lanes on busy streets? Sheridan, Broadway, Lawrence, Clarendon could work.

A two-way brick lane would be even more beautiful, and the first in Chicago.

More brick charm. This would be grand on some of our more beautiful residential streets.

This treatment makes it easier to cross the street. We’d love to see this as part of the Leland Bikeway.

Where could we use more bike parking? Bike parking racks are relatively inexpensive.

How about on the street?

Let’s do this. The last two events are:

Tonight: Wednesday, October 24 @6pm (Stockton Elementary School: 4425 N Beacon)
Next week: Tuesday, October 30 @ 7pm (Peoples Church: 941 W. Lawrence)

Credit goes to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and CNU image libraries for the photos

Posted by Arline Welty

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I am currently the Communications Director for the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters which represents 33,000 union men and women in three states who swing a hammer for a living. I publsih a magazine, a couple of email newsletters and two websites. I also do videos, webinars, advertisng and public relations. As an avid cyclist I ride a three-wheeled trike 5 to 6 days per week 52 weeks per year which adds up to between 5,000 and 6,000 miles year-round, including daily commutes along Chicago's lakefront ... polar vortexes included. I have never missed a day of work because of Chicago's weather. I am an activist who serves humanitarian and political causes: To advocate for the Sudanese in Illinois who have fled Southern Sudan and Darfur is one of my most rewarding experiences. I work with my son Sean on Sudan presentations at churches and community groups with my Sudanese friends on the problems facing them in Darfur, South Sudan and the United States. My son Sean and I work together on the Abolition Institute which seeks to end slavery in the west African nation of Mauritania. My photography chronicles Chicago's lakefront through my daily rides. My photo website is I just self-published my first photo-book on the history of my Chicago neighborhood: Sweet Home Buena Park. I live about one-half mile north of Wrigley Field in the Buena Park neighborhood.

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