Traffic Trouble Hot Spots: Tell Us What’s Up

A source within the City of Chicago has asked Bike Uptown for suggestions on where in the 46th Ward to do traffic safety enforcement- targeting distracted driving and red-light running. Where would the best places be? Please leave comments below on intersections/stretches of roadway where you have experienced dangerous behavior.

About bikeuptown46

I am currently the Communications Director for the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters which represents 33,000 union men and women in three states who swing a hammer for a living. I publsih a magazine, a couple of email newsletters and two websites. I also do videos, webinars, advertisng and public relations. As an avid cyclist I ride a three-wheeled trike 5 to 6 days per week 52 weeks per year which adds up to between 5,000 and 6,000 miles year-round, including daily commutes along Chicago's lakefront ... polar vortexes included. I have never missed a day of work because of Chicago's weather. I am an activist who serves humanitarian and political causes: To advocate for the Sudanese in Illinois who have fled Southern Sudan and Darfur is one of my most rewarding experiences. I work with my son Sean on Sudan presentations at churches and community groups with my Sudanese friends on the problems facing them in Darfur, South Sudan and the United States. My son Sean and I work together on the Abolition Institute which seeks to end slavery in the west African nation of Mauritania. My photography chronicles Chicago's lakefront through my daily rides. My photo website is I just self-published my first photo-book on the history of my Chicago neighborhood: Sweet Home Buena Park. I live about one-half mile north of Wrigley Field in the Buena Park neighborhood.


  1. matt

    I’m not sure if it is in 46 or 48 but the corner of Foster and Kenmore is a nightmare! People rarely stop at that stop sign…you’re lucky if they take their foot off the gas.

  2. Rob

    Broadway and Buena. The lights do not have any sort of delay when changing directions, which contributes to some (but not even half) of the red lights that are run at that intersection. It’s not as high profile of an intersection, but that seems to make people feel they can run it with impunity.

  3. J. Booth

    The intersection of Broadway and Sheridan through to Montrose. Drivers don’t pay attention, taxi cabs fly down the street and drivers not used to the intersection are so confused!

    • These are all useful comments- thanks everybody and keep them coming. Matt- that intersection is in the 48th, as you suspected, but we will still share your concern with CDOT.

    • Nicky

      It is the bikers who don`t pay attention, riding through red lights and turning infornt of cars with signals.

  4. Eden

    Gunnison and Sheridan intersection… Drivers blow through the stop sign and some drive east on gunnison – a one-way-west street- to get to the parking deck and the alley. This intersection is where the Boys and Girls Club is and is a block away from McCutcheon school. It is a busy pedestrian intersection and it is poorly thought out.

  5. Bill

    How about bicycle rider education? A lot of accidents are the cyclists fault as much as the drivers. As a driver, pedestrian with a dog, and a cyclist I am very attentive to my surroundings. I’ve almost been hit by cyclists blazing through street signs as I walk my dog. Drivers and cyclists need to learn that cyclists have the right to share the road and the responsibility to follow all traffic laws. Pedestrians are first.
    Oh, and is a freaking hand signal to much to ask for when turning?

  6. JT

    Buena & Clarendon. I don’t think drivers are intentionally running the lights at this intersection though. The traffic lights can be difficult to spot especially during sunny days and the crosswalk paint is faded. Many bikers and runners pass through this intersection when heading to/from the lake shore underpass at Buena & Marine. Simply repainting the crosswalks would be a good start I think, which I suggested to the city via 311 a few months ago.

  7. kevin k

    Broadway is unsafe period, from Sheridan all the way north to Granville, with a small exception near the new Target. There are dangerous spots where the road widens but leaves no room for bikers against aggressive drivers, such as the train tracks between Leland/Lawrence or near Argyle. Traffic enforcement also seems not to exist on Broadway despite regular police presence.

  8. csl

    Montrose and Clifton. The light is often out and drivers run the flashing red. Lot’s of pedestrian traffic with the dog park and Buena circle playlot nearby.

  9. Buena and Kenmore (on the circle) is treacherous for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. I live here and observe drivers (and cyclists) ignoring the stop signs every day. Many cyclists also ride against the one-way traffic on Kenmore north of Buena.

    I drive Buena daily and move at a snail’s pace because of all the traffic and since the street is so narrow. I see many drivers bolting through the intersections at Broadway and Clarendon; Sheridan, which is such a wide and open intersection is somewhat better and benefits from a crossing guard when SMoL school is in session.

    I am glad to be able to give input here. I’d like to see greater enforcement of the stop signs at Kenmore and Buena (most critical when school is in session) and better crossing markings, signage, and signals at Buena/Broadway and Buena/Clarendon.

    (Buena/Marine, by the way, seems better as far as buses and cars are concerned, but cyclists need to remember to stop at Marine. I have to slam on my brakes midturn from time to time in order to avoid collision with cyclists darting out of the tunnel.)

  10. Joe

    Also, up and down Leland from Magnolia to Clark, cars do not stop at stop signs. I’ve witnessed a man in a wheelchair getting hit crossing the street. Bikers are in just as much danger here as the poor man in the wheelchair.

  11. Mike

    Argyle between broadway & Clark. Specifically the magnolia stop sign, NO ONE STOPS! Not to mention I was ran out of the bike lane on Clark a block south of foster by a Tahoe not watching the bike lane. Ruined my wheels…

  12. Elana

    I would like to see a left turn arrow from northbound Broadway to westbound Leland. If a car is turning left, there is no option for any car behind it to go anywhere, since the other northbound Broadway lane is inaccessible due to the concrete supports for the trains. I see so many frustrated drivers run the red at Leland after waiting for the car in front of them to turn left.

  13. Marci

    Lawrence and Magnolia. There are no stops on Lawrence between Broadway and Clark street, which is ok because it runs along the cemetery and there are no cross streets–with the exception of Magnolia. Trying to cross is really dangerous because cars are speeding down Lawrence in both directions. Would LOVE to see a designated crosswalk here, so pedestrians and bikes have a decent shot at crossing. Absent that, some traffic enforcement of speeding cars would help.

  14. Monique

    I second the comment about Foster and Kenmore. I’ve lived on that block for six years and have nearly died at that intersection on that same number of occasions.

  15. The entry ramps for LSD. All of them actually. Once the light changes at Marine Drive cars start accelerating fast as they make that soft turn. There is enough room on those ramps to get up to the speed limit (45mph) from a dead stop. Since re-configuring it would be pricey maybe a stop sign will do it. People will complain but get used to it. And park users walking will get used to not making a dash for it.

  16. Joseph Musco

    Broadway and Clarendon.

    All of the street markings are worn off in the road for pedestrians and drivers. Drivers headed N can either stick to Broadway angling NNW or continue on Clarendon headed N. The combination of a lack of marking with bicycle and vehicle traffic make it a free-for-all. I encounter this intersection as a pedestrian and cyclist and despite my best attempts to obey laws, it’s Lord of the Flies to cross the street or change lanes.

  17. N Clarendon and W Lawrence in combination with N Marine Dr and W Lawrence is a bit of a nightmare. Poor light timing, in addition to the lights being so close together means that cars traveling eastbound on Lawrence frequently go through the Clarendon light when the Marine light goes green, which is precisely when the northbound Clarendon light turns green. I haven’t witnessed an accident yet, but as a cyclist and a pedestrian, I have had many near misses with cars racing into the intersection on the wrong light.

    Additionally, there are no (yes, zero) pedestrian signals at the Clarendon/Lawrence intersection, despite there being 3 continental striped crosswalks. It’s almost impossible to cross the street at the legal time, since you have no indication of when to go and the light timing pattern is very confusing.

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